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Spring 2021

Suparosa was a rock band based out of Urbana, Illinois. Members included Jonathan Jacobson, Nicholas O'Brien, Ian Lopez, Daniel Holmes, Jonathan Drougas, and Marco Landaverde. Past members include Jessica and Daniel (I'm sorry I don't remember your last names!) It was active from 2019 to 2021. Check out the youtube channel HERE. Hoping to upload more photos and videos in the future! Suparosa was playing most weekends at the Ikenberry Commons. If you have any videos you want to share please contact: hello(at)

Daniel & Ian

Demo 1
Listen to 'Summer', a song made by Jonathan Jacobson, Ian Lopez, Nicholas O'Brien, Jonathan Drougas, and Jessica!
Jonathan Jacobson

Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Oct 17th 2020

Late Spring 2021

Halloween 2020

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